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(yum, rollback)

Get a list of updates with:

yum history list  

Roll one back with:

yum history undo <ID>  

Or rollback to a specific version with:

yum history rollback <ID>  

(dnf, yum, update AL2023)

When I see the message:

A newer release of "Amazon Linux" is available.  
Run "/usr/bin/dnf check-release-update" for full release...  

Run this to update:

sudo /usr/bin/dnf upgrade --releasever=2023.2.20231026  

See current version of Amazon Linux:

rpm -q system-release  

Update to the latest:

 /usr/bin/dnf check-release-update --latest-only --version-only 2>&1 | xargs -I {} sudo dnf upgrade -y --releasever="{}"  

Also see ~/notes/aws.md

(dnf, yum, AL2023)

dnf is now the preferred way to install software on AL2023.
E.g. dnf install <package-name>

ls -l $(which yum) shows that yum is symlinked to the dnf-3 executable.
All the commands I use below still work.

(yum, list repos)

sudo yum repolist all

(yum, repo conf file location, al2023)


(yum, dnf, conf file location, al2023)


(yum, see enabled repos)

yum repolist enabled

(yum, enable repo, disable repo, al2023)

dnf config-manager --set-enabled <repo-name>
dnf config-manager --set-disabled <repo-name>

(yum list installed, list installed with wildcard)

yum list installed
yum list installed "mysql*"

(yum uninstall package, remove package)

yum remove <package-name>

(yum, see installed files by package)

rpm -ql <package-name>

(yum, list available packages)

yum list available "maria*" --enablerepo=<some-repo>
yum list | grep -i maria

(yum, gpg keys location, al2023, amazon linux)


(yum, al2023, amazon linux, epel does not work)

It seems epel is no longer compatible with Amazon Linux 2023.
Posted on twitter here: https://twitter.com/louzell_/status/1668062601308413954
If someone figures it out please let me know.
It used to be possible to modify /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo and set enabled to 1, but that file no longer exists.

(yum, al2023, install ffmpeg)

There is no package that I could find.
See notes/ffmpeg.html for installing from source