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Redis notes

Redis dump and log location on AL2023


How to start redis on macos

brew install redis  

How to start redis on AL2023

sudo dfn install -y redis6  
sudo systemctl enable redis6  
sudo systemctl start redis6  

How to shut down redis on macos

Either ctrl-c the redis server process, or

> shutdown  

How to shut down redis on AL2023

sudo systemctl stop redis6  

How to show slow queries, slow log

> slowlog get 10  

How to echo all commands sent to redis server

Start the redis client with:

redis-cli monitor  
redis6-cli monitor  


telnet localhost 6379  

Use the first option.

How to get help in the redis cli

> help <tab>  
> help @set  

How to get all namespaced keys

Don’t do this in production

KEYS my:prefix:*  

How to push values into a list and read them out

lpush mylist "foo1" "foo2" "foo3"  
lrange mylist 0 -1  

How to build a quick processing queue

lpush mylist "a" "b"  
brpoplpush mylist processinglist 0  
lrange processinglist 0 -1  
# => "a"  
lrange mylist 0 -1  
# => "b"  

How to delete a list

del mylist  

How to delete all keys under a namespace

Careful with this one.

for key in `echo 'KEYS <my-namespace>:*' | redis-cli | awk '{print $1}'`; do echo DEL $key; done | redis-cli  

Or wipe everything out. Be even more careful with this one:

$ redis-cli  
> shutdown  
> exit  
$ locate dump.rdb  
$ rm <location>