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pip notes

How to start python projects

cd <my-project>  
pyenv local 3.8.17  
python -m venv venv  
source venv/bin/activate  
pip install --upgrade pip  
pip install pip-tools  

How to update dependencies

Add deps to requirements.in, then:


Commit requirements.txt and requirements.in. Then

pip install -r requirements.txt  

(Note: Do not use this method for libs. For libs, edit setup.cfg instead)

How to list installed packages

pip list  

How to show which pypi index is used

pip config list  

How to list outdated dependencies

pip list --outdated  

How to add a local lib as a dependency

This adds my-lib as a dependency to my-app:

mkdir ~/dev/my-app  
cd ~/dev/my-app  
pyenv local <version>  
python -m venv .env  
source .env/bin/activate  
pip install --upgrade pip  
pip install wheel  
pip install -e ~/dev/my-lib  

How to upgrade a package, update a package

It’s best to update in requirements.in, but for hacking:

pip install --upgrade scipy  

How to check if dependencies are satisfied

pip check  

How to install dependencies from a requirements file

pip install -r requirements3.txt