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Firefox notes

Shortcut reference

Show cookies for current page shift+F9
Open dev tools cmd+opt+i or F12
Open console cmd+opt+k
View source cmd+u
Toggle bookmarks sidebar cmd+b

Complete list

How to view/edit stored passwords


How to fix a slow firefox, reset firefox

If fireflow slows down, punch ‘refresh firefox’ into the address bar.
Allocate a couple minutes to go through this list again:

How to configure firefox on a fresh install

  1. Install the following
  1. Set up the toolbar
  1. Hide the bookmarks toolbar with cmd+shift+b
  1. Configure various settings

How to turn off suggestions and predictions

How to make a new tab blank

Settings > Home > Firefox Home Content > Uncheck all except ‘Recent activity > Bookmarks’
Settings > Home > New Windows and Tabs > Blank page

How to adjust the YouTube playback speed beyond given limits

Open console with cmd+shift+k and punch in:

document.getElementsByTagName("video")[0].playbackRate = 2.5