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See also ./dnssd_notes.md

How to use a specific name server with dig

dig @ aiproxy.pro  

How to do a basic dns lookup

dig louzell.com  

How to do a reverse dns lookup

dig -x  

These two commands do the same thing (notice in the ptr version the IP order is swapped):

dig +noall +answer -x  
dig +noall +answer PTR  

Old serverbeach tutorial on PTR records

How to get txt records

dig -t txt example.org  

How to get the name servers of my host

host -t ns aiproxy.pro  

How to benchmark nameservers

To find fastest dns server for my local setup, use namebench (update 2024-01-27: this is no longer maintained)

How to inspect DNS resolution order on MacOS

The only entry in the autogenerated file /etc/resolve.conf is nameserver
See scutil --dns for the full list of resolvers