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(ctags, universal, supported languages, macos)

Do not do this: brew install ctags
This is what I want: brew install universal-ctags

(ctags, check language support)

ctags ---list-kinds=all

(ctags, create tags file)

ctags -R src/*

(ctags, ignore js files, ignore node modules)

ctags --exclude=*.js --exclude=node_modules -R *

(ctags, vim, cheat sheet)

Build tags (from shell) ctags -R *
Open vim to a specific tag (from shell) vim -t PickupsController
Jump to tag ctrl+]
Split the window before jumping to tag ctrl+w ctrl+]
Jump to next tag :tnext or :tn
See all matching tags :ts
Show autocomplete via ctags ctrl+x ctrl+]

- Add ‘tags’ to .gitexcludes
- Add set tags=./tags; to ~/.vimrc. The semi-colon means “recursively search up”

(ctags, racket, scheme)

ctags --language-force=scheme myfile.rkt