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How to install certbot on AL2023

To install the initial the letsencrypt certificate on Amazon Linux 2023:

dnf install python3  
python3 -m venv /opt/certbot  
source /opt/certbot/bin/activate  
pip install --upgrade pip  
pip install certbot certbot-nginx  
certbot certonly --standalone  
:: follow prompts  
:: once certs are on disk, start nginx  
systemctl start nginx.service  

To renew:

/opt/certbot/bin/certbot renew --nginx  

To perform a dry run of renew:

/opt/certbot/bin/certbot renew --nginx --dry-run --no-random-sleep-on-renew  


Reference: https://certbot.eff.org/instructions?ws=nginx&os=pip

Where are letsencrypt certs stored on AL2023

Certbot files are stored at


and are symlinked to